Review: IT Chapter Two

“For 27 years, I dreamt of you. I craved you. I’ve missed you!”

This was probably my most anticipated movie of 2019, followed very closely by Star Wars. But I’ve been dying for part two of IT since 2017, and finally, it has arrived.

Here’s my spoiler free review:

I loved it. Plain and simple.

Honestly, I don’t understand any of the handful of negative reviews I’ve seen from people. Either they went in expecting something completely different, or went in looking for a reason to tear down a movie widely anticipated by loads of people.

First off, no one can deny the adult casting was SPOT ON.

And their performances were absolutely spot on. It was clear who each adult character was, and it was completely believable that these were the adult versions of these kids.

It goes without saying: Bill Skarsgard nailed it with Pennywise, again.

The spectrum of emotions you go through during the film are fantastic, to me. Being able to make the audience laugh, yet build up the terror and tension, while warming hearts, and even breaking them, at times – that’s quite a feat, and something I really appreciated.

Along with that, I appreciated nods to both the original mini series, as well as the book, while still letting this movie do it’s own thing to stand out.

I loved the feeling of the safety net being taken off, as well. I convinced my mom to watch the first half with promises that everything is much easier after Georgie’s death. We don’t have another scene with a completely innocent victim in the first film. However, that definitely isn’t the case in Chapter Two. I had anticipated this, and prepared myself for such.

I enjoyed the “scary” parts, though the lady screaming beside me certainly did not. Or, at least, that’s what I guessed from her screaming. A lot.

The CGI and effects were fun, and some were downright unsettling. I’m not sure that I understood or ever saw any of the supposedly “terrible” CGI tht a handful of people have mentioned.

I plan to see IT Chapter Two again in the theater. I loved it. I love Stephen King. I know the source material, adored the first movie, and had high expectations – and it did not fail me.

Go check it out and make decisions for yourself.



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