Batman Day 2019

Batman Day 2019 was probably one of my busiest so far! Two comics shops and a trip to Barnes and Noble (plus a stop at the mall and Spirit Halloween, but those weren’t Batman related) – all adding up to a great but exhausting day!

To see more of our day, the shops, etc – watch the video here.

We all dressed up. I had a Harley themed outfit going (duh), which I failed to document properly – oops. My mon had a Bat Force shirt on. And the girls really stole the show:

We jammed to my Spotify Batman playlist and made our way to our destinations.

Our first stop was Barnes and Noble, because it’s a good stop for the girls with their kid friendly activities, and I’m also a snob that likes to show off durng trivia events sooooo…

I like to do Batman trivia, okay? Haha

Then, we made our way to Justin’s Comics, followed by a new store (to us) – Comic Book Relief. I’ll have to go back just to do a full post on them!

I had a good but modest haul, mostly from Justin’s Comics because if his sweet deals.

What did you do for Batman Day?


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