Review: The Last Arrival, 1 and 2

Planet C’adaei is in danger.

Five selected to leave and look for a new home. Their destination? Earth, but it might not be the blue paradise they were hoping for… in fact it’s a ruin, whole cities covered in sand and no sign of life other than what humans have left behind.

Olak, Aome, Acrok, Rirke and U’on have to solve the mystery of what happened to humanity and overcome darkness itself in this psychedelic action and drama packed space opera.

Written by Daniel Prim
Pencils/ink by Gergely Szabo

Colored by Szabrina Maharita

Letters by Toben Racicot

The Last Arrival is an interesting space adventure, where a group of the last ofn species ventures out to find a new home. On this journey, they come to Earth. But something has happened.

This is like a fun, dark, space mystery- if that makes sense. But that’s the best way I can explain it.

You arrive to Earth, just as perplexed about what happened to the planet as the explorers checking it out. As they learn more, you get new pieces to the puzzle, yourself. Which, personally, I really enjoy.

I think this is a great read for science fiction fans, people that enjoy a good mystery, or fans of space adventures.

You can back The Last Arrival and help get issue three out by checking out their Kickstarter and helping to fund this passion project. It’s so important to support independent comics, and this one is definitely worth checking out!


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