First Fridays: Stranger Things

Every first Friday of each month, Saint Louis Science Center has an event called First Fridays – a pop culture / nerdy themed event, typically based (though not always), off of a show, movie, etc. Themed discussions focused on the science involved in the theme, related viewings of episodes or movies, and much more – typically all free – combined with fun, and also themed, food and drink options, make this a great, and educational, evening for the whole family.

This months theme: Stranger Things.

To watch the whole video experience, click here.

This is probably the one First Friday that my mom, nieces, and myself were all equally excited about the theme. While I’ve been watching Stranger Things since it debuted, the three of them just binged all three seasons the end of July.

We saw a Stranger Things photo op before we even walked in, and knew from the start that this was going to be a fun one.

You could also sit in the Byers living room.

Though danger was lurking nearby.

We did a clue-solving scavenger hunt to earn our way into Castle Byers and, ultimately, the Upside Down to face our final challenge.

After finishing the final challenge, you either survived the Upside Down, or got stuck.

All of us survived, except my mom. Haha.

Themed food and adult beverages were available, as well.

Overall, we had a blast, and it was hands down the best First Fridays event we’ve gone to, so far.

Have you gone to any Stranger Things events before?


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