Cape Fear Con

From the people behind Cape Comic Con, and Cape Anime Con – Cape Fear Con!

You can watch the video here.

I love horror and Halloween – everyone knows this about me. So I was pumped when the announcement of Fear Con came up. A HORROR CON?! Yes! And after my experience with their Anime Con, I was really excited.

I decided to go as “THE Final Girl”, since I couldn’t find the costumes I wanted. Give me some makeup and I’ll figure something out.

From left to right: my mom, our friend Rita, and Allegra Frazier – a super talented artist.

Silent Hill cosplayers I chased down because they were AMAZING.

There were some excellent vendors with loads of goodies.


Also – we got to see a bit of Misty Brew filming her show and met her, afterwards. Super nice and GORGEOUS!

Overall, we had a great time at this con! I hope they bring it back next year, because we’ll definitely be bringing other people with us, and I’ll be promoting this con hard.

And after, we went to Applebees, which was fun looking like this:

We need more horror cons in our area, for sure. So if you’re local to Cape Girardeau, Missouri – encourage them to put this con on again and attend next year!



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