Review: Ocean Bride by Alex Lewis

Ocean Bride

Written and Illustrated by Alex Lewis

Based on a story by Yelena Lewis

Cover by Geist

Alex Lewis was kind enough to reach out to me and let me read this gem of a story early, before the release on Halloween.

This story seriously satisfied my need for spooky reads, this month. At only 8 pages long, it successfully told a fantastic story that fit my taste in wonderful, weird horror shorts.

I don’t want to give much away, so just trust me when I tell you to read this.

And the best part about this for you guys? You can read it for FREE on Halloween, just by signing up for Alex’s mailing list.

To sign up, click here.

What’s better than free, spooky horror comics on Halloween? Answer: nothing.

Check out Alex on Instagram: @alex_makes_comics

Creators like this definitely need to be watched! So sign up for Alex’s mailing list NOW!


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