Review: The Plot #2

If you missed my review for the first issue of The Plot, click here.

Written by Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci

Artist: Joshua Hixson

Colors: Jordan Boyd

Letterer: Jim Campbell

Publisher: Vault Comics

The next issue of The Plot comes out this week, and just in time for Halloween.

It takes a lot to give me the creeps. I’m fairly desensitized to horror (though I still love it deeply) after so much exposure through various mediums: films, haunts, books, games, etc.

So to get creeped out by panels while reading The Plot #2 while sitting in a well lit room, early in the morning, next to a sunny window, with another human in the room – that’s something worth applauding.

More of the story is beginning to unravel, and we’re further thrust into the terror with even more stunning art. Everything about this book is perfect.

All around, this is an amazing story with a fantastic team at work on it. If you haven’t been reading – what are you waiting for?!

Did you read the first issue of the Plot?


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