My Halloween Traditions

The most glorious day of the year is upon us! In honor of the spookiest day of the whole year, I want to share some of my Must Do Traditions every October.

Extra Doses of Horror.

Horror movies. Stories. Games. Comics. Whatever I can cram in during October to maximize Spooky Feels.

Spooky adventures.

Haunted tours, urban legends… the perfect time for it.

Halloween Feel-Good Movies.

There’s certain movies, ranging from on the nose Halloween, to just getting me in the spooky mood, in various levels of family friendly to straight up horror.


I used to work in haunts, and we all know I love Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Now, to add to the tradition, I take my nieces to haunts.

Spooky themed nights.

Themed food, movies, snacks – all on appropriate plates.

Dressing up.

THE tradition. I dress up as often as possible in October. Events. For myself. For Halloween. Any time I can.

What are your October traditions for Halloween?


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