Review: Mall #4

To read my review of issue #1, click here.

Written by Michael Moreci and Gary Dauberman

Drawn by Zak Hartong

Colored by Addison Duke

Lettered by Jim Campbell

Published by Vault Comics

Release date: 11/27/2019

Tension is building everywhere in the mall. Between Andre’s journey with Ronin to prove his innocence, the nefarious behind the scenes deeds, and the unrest of the clans – there’s nothing but non stop action as the story pushes forward.

I honestly love Mall, and issue four is another great issue. Again, we get more beautiful artwork paired with a dynamic story, that leaves you wanting more after you finish each installment. Vault Comics has a great team here, and you definitely need to catch up on this title if you aren’t reading already!

Please, PLEASE tell me you’re reading Mall? Because if you aren’t, you’re seriously missing out.


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