Anime Themed Night with Kids

So, my nieces have really gotten into anime, lately. Their favorites are My Hero Academia, InuYasha, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Since I’ve been a bit under the weather (thanks, Trigeminal Neuralgia flare), I thought we deserved a fun themed night, and something relatively easy for me to do, given how awful I feel.

We decided on tako (octopus) sausage and trying a new ramen out.

The tako sausage is often put in child (but adults, too) bento boxes as a fun little treat. Easy enough to make: cut a small sausage up to look like a cute little octopus.

For us, we bought some beef Lil Smokies from the store, and picked up Kusari Kids chicken ramen.

Cutting up the tako sausage seemed like it would be more time consuming thank it ended up being.

However, I didn’t make them as pretty as I could have haha.

Now, it’s My Hero Academia time!

I love finding fun ways of having themed nights with my nieces, and love it even more when I can make it something cultural in the process. I’m planning to look up more kid friendly activities to educate them more about Japanese culture while they’re so into it, right now.

If you try this idea, let me know! Or if you have any links to more ideas we could try, I’d love to see them!