Review: Finger Guns #1

Written by Justin Richards

Art by Val Halvorson

Colors by Rebecca Nalty

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Coming from Vault Comics in February 2020.

I had the opportunity to read Finger Guns last week, which is a few months early, thanks to the folks at Vault Comics. I’m really excited for this story to get started!

Two teens discover they have the ability to manipulate emotions by pointing finger guns at people.

This is such a fresh story, unique and already full of heart. I’m already attached to our two main characters – two sweet teens with rough home lives, in their own ways. Seeing them find each other and learning they each have this ability to connect with each other is so wholesome.

Vault Comics assembles some amazing teams, time and time again. The story Justin Richards is writing, paired with the art by Val Halvorson, and complimented by the colors Rebecca Nalty gives us, and fantastic lettering by Taylor Esposito – it’s a beautiful knockout. I’ll be grabbing a copy for myself and some friends that I know would love this book – seasoned comic fans, and newbies alike.

Finger Guns is definitely going to be a big book in 2020, so I recommend ordering it from your local comic shop as soon as possible.