A Curious Decade

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, and reflect on some of the most notable moments from the last decade:

Meeting Kevin Smith:

You can read the entire thing here, but without a doubt, Kevin Smith is one of the most significant things to happen to me in my entire life.

Comic Book Men:

Hand in hand with meeting Kevin, was mysteriously getting to be on Comic Book Men 6 months later. I don’t think I’ll ever forget what an amazing experience that was. You can read about it all here.

New York:

I’ve never been to New York just to be there and visit. I’m always busy with some other thing going on. My second trip was during the Comic Book Men filming. I had a free day and wanted to check out a few things. You can read my Nerd in New York post, or Star Wars and the Power of Costume posts to see more from that trip.


In general, Orlando trips have been a massive source of happiness for me the past decade.

Horror Nights:

I started going to – and becoming obsessed with- Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando!

Batman Live!:

One of the things that’s no longer around and breaks my heart – Batman Live! I loved this show so, so much.


I’ll have a special Wicked post soon, but I’ve been 4 times this decade, and that’s pretty important, I’d say.


Cons, in general, started for me this decade. Big cons. Little cons. Near. Far. U.S. and Canada. Comic, horror, anime, etc.

And, not to mention, the countless amazing people I’ve gotten to meet at them.

Meeting Tara Strong and Kevin Conroy:

Two voice actors I was dying to meet – and I finally did!

James Marsters birthday party:

One of the coolest things that’s happened, but weirdly I never seem to talk about it much haha. I got to go to James Marsters birthday party!

Star Wars Parade:

To read the whole insanity of this day, click here.

Autoimmune Disease:

Not exactly a great thing, but the most life changing, for sure. This diagnosis and everything that came with it have really put a lot into perspective.

First trip to Canada:

What can I say about Canada? It was a blast, and I often miss it. I’ll be back someday.

Go read about my first day here.

New Orleans:

My third trip to New Orleans is coming in a few months, and it’s long overdue. I never get to spend enough time in this beautiful place.

Heroes of Cosplay:

Speaking of New Orleans – when there in 2014, I got to be part of the audience during the filming of the final two episodes of the show.

The first time my nieces went through haunts:

I could go on and on about these two girls, everything we’ve done together the last several years, etc. But something special that just the three of us share is going to haunts.

Metropolis/Superman Celebration:

It’s fun having a superhero themed town just a few hours away.

To read about my last trip, click here.

Six Flags St Louis:

It’s been great going back to what was once a childhood treat on a regular basis. From season pass, to basic memberships, and now Diamond Elite – we’ve come a long way.

Legends of the Knight:

In 2014, thanks to the film by Brett Culp, I was able to hold a fundraising event for Muscular Dystrophy by showing the film Legends of the Knight, in honor of my childhood best friend Eric, who passed away in 2005. One of the greatest parts was being able to invite Eric’s family out and reconnect with them.

Meeting the Boondock Saints:

Meeting Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, and David Della Rocco was by far one of the greatest things in the past decade for me.

To read more, click here.


If you don’t get it, it sounds dumb. But between how much my little collection page grew, and the bonds I made in the collecting community – Instagram has been a HUGE part of the last decade.

Started WanderingNerdGirl.com:

The reason you’re all here – because I decided to start this blog. 2015 was a trying time in my life. I was unhappy with life, and needed a direction to go. Then it hit me – my nerdy adventures make me happy, so I’ll start documenting it all. And here we are.

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year.

I can’t wait to show you what’s coming in 2020.