Wicked on Christmas Eve

I’ve been lucky enough to see Wicked four times, now. You can read more about that here. This post, however, is a bit different.

This time, my trip to see Wicked at the Fox was probably the most special it has ever been for me.

This year, we took my nieces, for not only their first time seeing Wicked, but their first time seeing anything at the Fox.

I’m sure most of the people that come here often know my nieces and I are very close. So much so, I treat them like they’re my own, and tend to get emotional over their big firsts in life. Getting to be there to witness this big first was a rollercoaster for me.

We got them some fancy outfits, that were very fitting for Wicked. Because, you know, I like to do things with a theme.

Usually, Christmas Eve is our Christmas at our house. Presents, pizza, and gifts from Santa and the Doctor (yes, from Doctor Who – how else would Santa get them there early?) – but we decided to add an early adventure before all that. Tickets to Wicked.

I’ll never forget the moment we walked in, and Dica looked up, her eyes wide as she took it all in, and whispered “it’s like we’re in a palace.”

We explored, found our seats, and got settled just in time. Lillie was beside me, this time, so I got to watch her as the music began. She was so genuinely excited, and I was done for – I cried through the whole first song, because I was so happy to be sharing this moment with the girls.

I cried a few other times in the show, for the same reason. By intermission, they were both bubbling with happy chatter, favorite songs (so far), and eager anticipation for the show to begin again.

By the time the show was over, they were both bursting with love – for the show, the actors, the Fox – hell, for theater itself. They clapped their little hands off.

I cannot wait to take them, again. I’m so grateful to the actors, the kind people at the Fox that helped make their first trip extra special, and the other audience members that told them over and over how cute their dresses were. The girls had a magical experience, and I couldn’t be happier.