Review: Eskimo Kisses

Originally, the word Eskimo came from an Agonquin term for “eater of flesh,” but that definition has been lost to the ages, until now. Present day, an isolated town in Northern Canada discovers the true origins when a stranger arrives and they are overrun by cannibalistic creatures. Along with the help of some locals, the town’s police officer and his pregnant wife must do anything they can to get out alive.

Written by Christopher Sebela and Randy Stone

Art by Henry Ponciano

Letters by Lucas Gattoni

Scout Comics

Hooooooly amazing one-shot.

What an exciting book! Eskimo Kisses is a one-shot from Scout Comics, and it is a fresh taste of ridiculously good horror. The story is so exciting and overwhelming, imagining being in a scenario like the one that takes place would be absolutely terrifying. I love the clean and beautiful art, and the gorgeous choices of colors. Everything from the lettering to the art really works together and adds to the experience.

By the time I finished, I was bummed there wasn’t more to read – that really is my only complaint. I wanted to keep reading haha.

Check out Eskimo Kisses either at a local comic shop, or get it directly from Scout Comics yourself here.

Let me know if you grab a copy!


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