Quinn-tessential Reads for Harley Quinn Fans

Love the Harley you see in movies, shows, etc, and want to get to know the character better? You’re in luck, because there are loads of comics!

Wait? Getting into Harley comics intimidates you? Look no further, friends! I’m starting a series for you!

These are some of my highest recommendations for new to comics fans wanting to get into reading. I’ll leave my Amazon Affiliate links for the ones I can, but of course highly recommend local comic shops to get your reads!

If a video is more your style, I do have this list up in video form, complete with me rambling excitedly on YouTube.

Batman Adventures

You can grab the series in trade now or try collecting all the issues yourself. But anything in the Batman Adventures vein is a perfect Harley Quinn starting point.

Buy the first volume of Batman Adventures here.

Buy the hardcover Batman Adventures: Mad Love here.

Mad Love by Paul Dini and Pat Cardigan

Okay, okay. I know it isn’t a comic. But, it IS a really good read for newbies and seasoned Harley Quinn fans. An in depth look at one of the most beloved Harley Quinn stories of all time: Mad Love.

Get Mad Love here.

The Code 1 and The Code 2 are two underappreciated stories in Harley’s history. Her 2nd canon appearance (Batman 570) and 3rd canon appearance (Detective Comics 737), offer us a capable, ass-kicking Harley, and a fun story between her and the Joker.

Gotham City Sirens

One of my absolute favorites of all time, and one of the best gal team-ups: Gotham City Sirens. For fans of Catwoman and Poison Ivy as well as Harley Quinn, this is the book for you.

Gotham City Sirens Omnibus
OR Gotham City Sirens trade paperback vol 1
Gotham City Sirens vol 2


A dive into Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s journey to become Harley Quinn in one of the most beautifully illustrated Harley stories that exist. I cannot recommend this one enough.

Buy the Harleen hardcover here.

Batman: White Knight

Last but not least, my favorite Harley Quinn and favorite Batman story – Batman: White Knight by Sean Murphy. Once you’ve read that, come read me gush about why I think it’s so brilliant.

Buy Batman: White Knight here.

And that’s it for now, folks! Let me know if you read anything from my list. Or if you’ve read most of them, if there were any suggestions you’ll be on the look out for!

If you want more in depth Harley stuff from me, let me know, and I’ll keep Quinn-tessential Harley going.