An Update

Hey, friends.

So, things are getting a little wild out there. We’re being encouraged to practice social distancing, for the sake of individuals that are particularly susceptible to the virus. With this, many events, restaurants, businesses, etc are being postponed, temporarily closed, etc.

There were several events I had coming up – between Planet Comicon, my first hockey game, First Friday: Harry Potter, etc I had plans for in the next two weeks, that are now postponed. There is still one small event coming up that hasn’t been canceled, but I’m constantly watching my email for updates.

I expect there could be even more things at later dates possibly postponed.

Now, I know many of you enjoy the reviews, etc. But this IS Wandering NerdGirl, and I hope you all understand there will be less adventures for a bit. I will try to maybe write about some previous places I’ve been, some cool moments I’ve never talked much about, top 10 (or whatever) lists, travel tips, and so on, here and there. But expect there will also be quite a few more review related things and opinion pieces.

I also recently started reviewing for Outright Geekery. If you want to check out my reviews so far, click here.

Along with that, I’ll be doing stuff on my YouTube channel, if that interests you.

Just wanted to let you guys know what I’m sure you already did, and assure you I’ll still be pumping out content.

Stay safe out there. Be kind to each other.


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