Disney World Favorites

We’re all stuck inside, at home, wishing we were somewhere else.

I’ve seen a lot of people recreate their favorite rides or “Disney days” at home, and I’ve also seen a lot of Disney Favorites story templates floating around Instagram. So, I decided I’d like to post about my favorite Disney World attractions, parks, foods, etc. I can’t travel anywhere physically right now, but I can take a trip down memory lane – or should I say, Main Street USA?

Favorite park:

My favorite park is probably Hollywood Studios. This changed off and on over time – some of my favorite attractions were removed, but now they have the entire Galaxy’s Edge experience. Even though I haven’t been to Hollywood Studios since they’ve added Toy Story land and Galaxy’s Edge, I know Star Wars is still a big enough love of mine to keep me loyal to Hollywood Studios. However, when it was lacking for a bit, my favorite was Magic Kingdom. That’s the quintessential Disney parks experience, to me. Everyone thinks of the castle, the classic rides, the themed lands. It’s a must-visit park for newcomers.

Favorite ride:

Now, keep in mind, I haven’t been to Disney World since fall 2016, so this selection is based on the things I have ridden.

My absolute, number one favorite Disney ride ever is Haunted Mansion. I hate fireworks, so I always go time a Haunted Mansion ride during the big Magic Kingdom fireworks display at night. I’ve also went to Magic Kingdom alone and decided to see how many times in a row I could ride before I needed to leave to meet my mom. The answer was 8, in case you were wondering.

Favorite show:

Year round – The Festival of the Lion King at the Animal Kingdom. I love the performances, audience interaction, colors, costumes, etc. It’s a show I try to see every single time I visit.

Seasonal – Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular. You can’t beat a Halloween show hosted by the Sanderson sisters, with loads of Disney villains.

Favorite restaurant:

For food: Via Napoli at Epcot, in Italy at the World Showcase. The pizza is INCREDIBLE.

For theming: Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater, in Hollywood Studios. The drive in feel, with old Sci-Fi trailers playing on the big screen, while you sit at tables that look like cars? So fun!

Favorite hotel/resort:

The Yacht Club. I’ve stayed there several times, and I love it. It is one of the more expensive hotels, but the ease of travel to Hollywood Studios and the walking proximity to Epcot are fantastic.

Favorite Seasonal Event:

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. I love Halloween. I love the special characters that are out and showcased. The parade. The shows. It’s perfect for the spooky hearted.

That’s it, for now! If you want more of these favorites, let me know! I’m hoping to do a Universal Studios version as well.

What are your favorites at Disney World?


One thought on “Disney World Favorites

  1. What an adorable post. I would hand it to you in a heartbeat because you know so much about Disney. I went to Disney World 1991, and I did get to ride through the Haunted Mansion.

    Star Wars would impress me to the moon, and I’ve seen YouTube uploads showing what the live Star Wars entertainment is like and how the Star Wars cinematic ride is, Star Tours if it has the same name it did in 1991. I’d consider sharing this, say, with Twitter.

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