NTYCBD: What I Read 4/22/20

We’re still lacking new comics, still, but that won’t stop us from talking comics, and gives me a chance to catch up on my To Be Read pile. So here’s what I’ve read, recently, including things I’ve read for more fleshed out reviews on Outright Geekery and reading picks:

Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage

Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage
Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #378-380, Spectacular Spider-Man #201-203, Spider-Man #35-37, Spider-Man Unlimited #1 & #2, and Web of Spider-Man #101-103 – Maximum Carnage is the perfect classic to check out with the coming cinematic appearance of a live action Cletus Kasady and Carnage.
This is a well loved storyline by many. You get a wide variety of Marvel characters, including Venom, Black Cat, Shriek, Morbius, Cloak and Dagger, Captain America, and many more. On top of that, you have beautiful classic art to accompany an emotional struggle for Spider-Man. Not only is he struggling with guilt over Harry’s death, and tension with Mary Jane worrying about him, but while Carnage is on his spree, he must struggle with his own moral code. This is a great read for any Spider-Man fan, as well as anyone looking to get into Spider-Man comics.

I read Maximum Carnage for a post on Outright Geekery, where we picked classic Spider-Man stories. To read what everyone else picked, click here.

Nightmares and Fairy Tales volumes 1-3

I’ve loved these comics for years, and I was happy to reread them for some reviews on Outright Geekery recently. Fans of Jhonen Vasquez will adore this series. If you want to read my full review, here’s volume 1& 2, and volume 3.

Superman: Speeding Bullets

This was another reread for me, and another for Outright Geekery. This is one of my favorite Superman stories, even though it’s an Elseworlds story.

Written by J.M. DeMatteis, with the artwork of Eduardo Barreto, this story explored what would happen if Kal-El had been found by the Wayne family, and became Bruce Wayne rather than Clark Kent. It’s an amalgamation both characters: key pieces of the story of Batman – his parents murder, Alfred, the billionaire playboy life, fused with things from Superman’s story – like Lois, and Lex Luthor. It’s an interesting look at how the darkness of Gotham and the difference of upbringing could change Kal-El from the Superman we know. Definitely a great read for anyone, even those that may not be the biggest Superman fan.

To check out the other picks, click here.

House of M

House of M – Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel. Scarlet Witch is losing control of her powers, and reality suffers for it. While Xavier tries to control her powers, the Avengers and X-Men must come together and decide what course of action must be taken. But before they can come to any conclusion, the world is turned upside down in a reality where everyone gets what they want most in the world. This is such a powerful story, full of some of Marvel’s favorite characters, including one of my favorites: Wanda Maximoff. For 8 issues, it packs in a lot of story, a lot of emotion, and is definitely worth reading for anyone interested in Scarlet Witch, or anyone wanting a good team up between Avengers and X-Men.

Again, this was a reread for an Outright Geekery classic picks, this time for an X-Men week. To read all the other excellent choices, click here.


I was recently sent a package of goodies, full of MeSseD comics for review.

Lilliput is a filter worker in the sewers, taking on more than just the average tasks. She’s a strong, persistent character leading us into the weird, wet world below. Fans of independent comics built on a base of reality with a science fiction flare will enjoy this one. Check out the MeSseD website for more.

My full review is up on Outright Geekery. You can read it here.

Alright, that’s it for this week! Anything you’ll be checking out?


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