Review: Grit #1

When a routine troll hunting gig takes a gruesome turn, Old Man Barrow finds himself in the company of a wannabe doomsday cult. Just how’s he going to get out of this backwoods nightmare? Well, that axe ain’t just for show. Grit is Southern-fried sword and sorcery and pulp fantasy adventure at it’s ax-iest. So grab yourself a whiskey and settle in for some fun. 

Writer: Brian Wickman

Artist: Kevin Castaniero

Colorist: Simon Gough

Letterer: Micah Myers

Scout Comics – July 29th, 2020

I love cult stuff. It’s a weird fun fact about me. I have an interest in learning about real cults. I love fictional cult stuff. Cults are just in my wheelhouse of stuff I find cool.

So along comes this comic called Grit, that sounds wild and cool, with blends of fantasy with bloody goodness and, yes – a cult!

Grit #1 is a fun, gory, troll-hunting-turned-accidental-cult-ceremony-crashing good time. I think there’s a lot to offer in this new series for a lot of different readers. It’s enjoyable, well written, great art, nice lettering, and just a goofy adventure, in the very best way possible.

I can’t wait to see more from this series.

You can pick up Grit #1 on July 29th.


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