Review: The Crude Knight

Welcome to Avalon Oil, a family run oil company founded in the Geyser Age. Every 30 years, unknown to the larger world, something happens to the well beneath this oil field. Something wakes up.

First the sword Excalibur appears.The oil, imbued with the magic of Avalon possesses anyone it touches –Turning them into Knight of Avalon, hellbent on razing the Earth to lay the foundation for their empire’s return.

The duty then falls on the current Oil Baron, heir to Avalon Oil, to draw Excalibur and plunge its molten remains back into the oil well.

The Crude Knight is a 5 issue limited series that follows Jonathan’s struggle against the workers of his family’s oil field turned warriors of Avalon.

How does a King Arthur meets Mad Max comic sound to you? If your answer is “Awesome!”, then I have just the series for you.

I was recently sent the first 4 issues of The Crude Knight for review – issue #4 is up on Kickstarter right now! This is a 5 issue limited independent series, with a horror/heavy metal fantasy vibe. If you’ve read Burning Fields and Once & Future, then imagine those two having a baby – you have The Crude Knight.

I really enjoy takes on Arthurian legend, so this series was perfect for me. I like the fresh approach to it, with a new, unexpected setting. The struggles Jonathan feels trying to feel like he isn’t a failure, and how much he wants to prove himself is inspiring.

Issue 4 was a wild ride, and one you definitely should go back on Kickstarter now. Only a little over a week remains!


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