Review: Vlad Dracul #2

Writer: Matteo Strukul

Artist: Andrea Mutti

In order to protect his land and his country’s children from slavery at the hands of the Ottoman Empire, a fate that he knows too well as he suffered as one of those child slaves, Vlad launches an attack at Targoviste with twenty-four thousand knights changing the tide of the war. With morale low after this crushing defeat, Mehmet II the Conqueror, reveals his secret weapon, Radu, Vlad’s own brother, turning this crusade from a religious to a fratricidal war.

We all know I have themes/subject matters in comics, movies, etc that I just devour instantly or gravitate toward immediately. One of those subjects, my whole life, has been Vlad the Impaler. My interest of course started as ot did for many: I wanted to know about the man that inspired Dracula. But as I grew, it was just one of those familiar things I enjoy seeing retold, both factually and in fiction.

Imagine how happy I was upon purchasing issue one to see issue two appear in my inbox for review.

Vlad Dracul from Scout Comics is a dark but epic retelling of Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad Dracula, the Impaler. Originally, this was an Italian comic, from my understanding, translated to English. While the well known events of history are there, there may be some liberties taken with personal relationships that wouldn’t really be well known. But for the sake of drama in fiction, it’s completely understandable.

For such a thick book, compared to many on the market, this series is easy to breeze through quickly because you become so engrossed. The story sucks you in and, even the most experienced with the story, want to see what happens with Vlad.

It’s beautifully illustrated, and absolutely fits the storytelling so well. Pages full of exquisite and almost intimidating scenery, with a European feel. Bland soldiers and snow and muted tones all overpowered by the bold, bright presence of Vlad himself on any panel or page he’s presented. It’s a stunning representation.

If you haven’t read issue one of Vlad Dracul, grab it! And while you’re at it, pick up issue two, available 8/12/20.


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