Review: Bliss #2

Written by Sean Lewis

Art by Caitlin Yarsky

Publisher:  Image Comics

Who is behind the drug called BLISS? Who leads the Street Gods that turned our sweet hero into a killer? What choices did Benton make to fall so far, and how have these choices driven his family apart?

The monstrous goddess Lethe emerges to defend Benton’s honor as his son Perry fights for his father’s life in court. Breaking Bad meets Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in an urban fantasy unlike any you’ve ever seen.

“Forgetting is how we survive.”

Bliss #2 takes us further into the darkness that Benton is committing himself to with his new “job”, and we watch as this man begins to destroy himself to try to save his family.

Again, Sean Lewis has written an incredible issue for us. Between his son’s retelling while begging for the court to hear him out in regards to his father, as well as flashbacks, we get a better feel for Benton. But we also begin to understand who needs to use Benton and what they wanted him for.

The art is great, of course. Fantastic line work combined with some absolutely stunning use of color. The uses and creativity of different panels adds so much to the storytelling. And the final page of this issue would make an incredible piece of wall art.

Bliss is continuing to become a strange, unique story about the bond between father and son. If you haven’t checked out issue one yet, definitely grab a copy now and catch up! Bliss #2 arrives on shelves August 26th.


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