Review: Grit #2

Writer: Brian Wickman
Artist: Kevin Castaniero
Colorist: Simon Gough
Letterer: Micah Myers
Scout Comics 

When a mysterious wanderer comes across a mound of slaughtered goblins, she wants answers, and all signs point to Old Man Barrow. Unfortunately for him, she decides to mount her interrogation while he’s knee deep in the swamp, hunting a dream hag. If there’s one thing Barrow hates more than a witch, it’s two witches. Things ain’t looking pretty for our hero, y’all.

Grit #1 was such a smash hit, I couldn’t get a physical copy before it sold out! So if you want to catch up on this one before you read issue #2, you’ll have to grab a second printing.

But, onward to issue two!

Where Grit #1 was all action and gore and cult shenanigans, Grit #2 slows the pace down a little to give us more depth to Barrow, and more plot to what the story is about. And it’s just as good.

Being able to balance the fast pace and then level it out for some plot and character development, while still keeping the same quality and appeal in both issues is quite a task, and accomplished well. Sometimes issues can end up feeling like very obvious fillers within comics, but neither issue so far feels like that. Everything has a purpose, and the reader is enthralled.

There’s a reason this book sold out with issue one. Great writing. Brutal but beautiful art. Excellent design and lettering. Grit is a solid series, and I can’t wait for more.

Did you manage to grab a copy of issue #1?


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