Review: The Plot #6

Writers: Tim Daniel & Michael Moreci
Artist: Joshua Hixson
Colorist: Kurt Michael Russell
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Designer: Tim Daniel
On Sale: 8/26/2020

In the attic, Chase has drowned. Outside, the floodwaters rise. Trapped and separated within the manor, the Blaines confront the source of their anguish.

Welcome back to another installment of Angel Really Loves The Plot, So Much So She Bought A Shirt. Okay, I need to work on the title a bit.

But today we are talking about issue #6 of The Plot, and I am so excited.

This is one of the darkest, heaviest issues so far, and it really leaves you with a haunting feeling. It continues on with the reasons the Blaine family must make sacrifices from issue five, but this time through the Blaine’s and Reese in the family home, dragging the kids into the nightmare as well. It’s written exquisitely, and further establishes why this is at the top of horror comics out right now. Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci are such an excellent writing pair.

Plus, we’re gifted with that beautiful and eerie art, with more bog monsters and terror than you could have hoped for. The stunning illustrations of Joshua Hixson and the gorgeous colors provided by Kurt Michael Russell really complete the mission the story sets out for. And as per usual, Jim Campbell lends to the teams success with fantastic lettering work.

Pick up issue six this week, and let me know what you think!


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