Review: White Ash #6

Written by Charles Stickney

Art by Conor Hughes

Colors by Fin Cramb

Seth, Aleck and Lillian face off in the throwdown we’ve all been waiting for. If Aleck survives, he’ll face an even more daunting decision about his future. Meanwhile, deep beneath the town, startling secretes are revealed. This is the exciting final issue of the first story arc.

The final issue of the first arc of White Ash is here! And boy, does it go out with a bang. High stakes fighting, plot twists, romance, and more, all wrapped into a modern day fantasy set in a small mining town. As with every issue, Charles Stickney has written something incredible and grand within a town that feels like my own, with a cast of characters that evoke every sort of emotion from you, and almost everyone is more than what they seem.

Conor Hughes and Fin Cramb working together on the art helps raise the story to another level. Perfect small mining town feel, unique character designs, and scenes that feel fluid. It’s a beautiful team up.

I cannot wait for more White Ash in 2021. This is one of my favorites from Scout Comics, and a series I truly hope you will all check out as well!


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