Review: You Look Like Death: Tales from the Umbrella Academy #1

Written by Gerard Way and Shaun Simon
Art and colors by I.N.J. Culbard
Letters by Nate Piekos of Blambot
Umbrella Academy created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá

Dark Horse Comics – 9/16/2020

The first Umbrella Academy spin off series! When 18-year-old Seance gets himself kicked out of the Umbrella Academy, and his allowance discontinued by Hargreeves, he takes to a place where his ghoulish talents will be appreciated—Hollywood. After a magical high on a vampire-drug-lord’s stash, Klaus needs help, and doesn’t have his siblings there to save him. Seance gets his own miniseries! 

Klaus, aka Seance, is my favorite member of the Umbrella Academy, so I was pretty excited when I found out there would be a solo Klaus series. And it was everything I hoped for: shenanigans involving drugs and the dead, mixed with adventure and getting to know Klaus a little bit more.

I loved how this was written – Klaus being both a mess and a bit heroic, even if it’s selfishly motivated. But it fits for him, and for the Umbrella Academy series in general. The art was great as well, reminiscent of the main series while still being it’s own thing. And the lettering was a perfect fit, as well.

Definitely pick this first issue up on 9/16/20 when it releases if you’re a fan of the series, especially Klaus.


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