Review: Red Mother #8

Written by Jeremy Haun

Art by Danny Luckert

Lettering by Ed Dukeshire

Daisy always suspected that Leland Black had ulterior motives in hiring her, but when the truth finally comes out, Daisy could never have expected how far his reach goes. What does Leland have planned for Daisy-and what does it have to do with the Red Mother?

There aren’t a ton of comics that I’m eagerly awaiting every month, that I cannot wait to see what happens next, or that thoroughly give me the creeps. But Red Mother is definitely one of the top books that does all of that, for me.

Jeremy Haun has written a story that keeps me guessing: what’s going to happen next is never something I can guess, and I appreciate that level of intrigue. But I also appreciate how much sympathy we have for Daisy, and how real she feels, consistently.

But a good script needs a great artist to bring it to life, and Danny Luckert does it again. For how believably written everything is, Luckert brings it to life. I’ve said it before, probably every time I’ve reviewed an issue, but the blend of realistic art with surreal horror aspects, like the Herald, or Daisy’s visions, is just haunting. Paired with Ed Dukeshire’s lettering, this is one of the absolute best teams out in comics, and they’re talent is the success of this book.

Please, catch up on this series if you haven’t already, and grab issue 8 in stores 9/9/20.


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