Review: The Vain #1

Created by Eliot Rahal and Emily Pearson
Written by Eliot Rahal
Art by Emily Pearson
Colors by Fred C. Stresing
Color assistant: Macy Kahn
Lettered by CRANK!
Published by Oni Press
Release date: 10/14/2020

Spanning nearly a century in time, The Vain chronicles the criminal lives of four sinful and stylish blood bank-robbing vampires. 

Chicago, 1941. A blood bank is held up in a robbery, but no cash is taken—only blood. It’s the latest in a string of similar robberies and as the United States prepares to enter World War II, FBI Agent Felix Franklin is certain it’s part of a wider plot to weaken the United States by depriving it of its blood supply. But the truth is much more sinister.

The four robbers are vampires: immortal, physically powerful, and after decades of honing their skills, practically untraceable. But time goes on and the vampires—who call themselves The Vain—stay the same in a world that is rapidly changing around them. As security measures evolve, stealing blood is harder every day. And with every decade that passes, Agent Franklin gets closer to finding them. Capturing them. Ending them.

The Vain is a story about wild, eternal youth, reckless rebellion, endless love, and how in the end…maybe it is better to burn out than fade away.”

I had the privilege of reading issue #1 of The Vain super early, thanks to Eliot Rahal, and I was too excited to talk about it to wait until closer to release. So let’s dive in!

The Vain #1 is a brilliant combination of Bonnie and Clyde meets The Lost Boys – something I hadn’t realized I needed so badly in my life until I read it.

This is an issue you won’t be able to put down. From the beginning, you’re caught up in what’s going on, and immediately feel intrigued to see what’s going to happen next. But beyond just being interesting and well written, the characters so far are each so individually fascinating, I’m ready to go along for the ride solely for them.

The art is absolutely gorgeous, and at some times deliciously and unexpectedly gory – which I absolutely loved. The colors are beautiful, and everything about it sets such a perfect mood for the story. The lettering by Crank! is great as well.

The Vain #1 won’t be here until October – but that just means you have time to get to your local shop and ask them to add it to your pull list!

I can’t wait for you guys to read this one. Trust me. By the end of issue one, you’ll be dying to see what comes next!


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