Batman Day 2020

With 2020 being what it is, I was surprised we’d have an official Batman Day – but here it is! September 19th, 2020. But, unlike normal years, I don’t really have events or excessive travel. Honestly, aside from a shop Batman Day sale – it’s all going to be at home celebrating.

So, what DO you do for Batman Day during a pandemic?


Have a Batman party at home. Get some inexpensive party plates and decor from Walmart, Target, or wherever you can find some, and celebrate in the comfort of your own home! Even better – make some themed Bat treats and wear your favorite Batman shirt.

Watch your favorite Batman cartoons, TV shows, and movies. Grab your popcorn bucket (mine happens to be a Batman shaped popcorn bucket), get snuggled on the couch with your Batman blankets, and turn on your favorite versions of Batman – Batman 66 with Adam West, Batman: the Animated Series, whatever film incarnations of Batman you love the most – choice is yours!

Immerse yourself in the world of Batman. Fan of the Arkham games? Injustice? Batman: Vengeance? Mortal Kombat vs DC? Any game that gets you into the world of Batman. Even tabletop boardgames would do!

Read some new or favorite Batman comics. Grab an old favorite off the shelf. Dig through your long boxes for an old arc you loved. Dive into that trade you’ve been meaning to read. With over 80 years of Batman, there’s plenty to choose from.

Dive into a ridiculously good podcast devoted to the Dark Knight. Bat Force Radio is my FAVORITE podcast, and the best out there when it comes to Batman. You can read a whole post of my babbling about them here. But trust me: they have interviews with AMAZING DC talent, including people that won’t do interviews with any other podcasts. So trust me. They’re the best. (Doesn’t hurt that I’ve been on an episode or three. Haha) Follow them on Instagram ( @thebatforce ), and listen to them on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Jam to your favorite Batman soundtracks, or find a Batman Playlist on Spotify. Dig out your soundtracks, or make a playlist like I did on Spotify to get you in the mood to clean up Gotham.

Check out your local comic shop. See if they have any Batman Day deals, or even freebies to give out. At the very least, it’s the perfect opportunity to slip on a face mask (bonus points if you have a Batman themed one like I do) and head to the shop to help support local businesses.

For more ideas, printable activities, and more, check out the official post from DC Comics.

Let me know your Batman Day plans in the comments!


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