Review: An Unkindness of Ravens #1

Written by Dan Panosian
Art by Marianna Ignazzi
Colors by Fabiana Mascolo
Letters by Mike Fiorentino

* Not all the witches burned during the Salem Witch Trials – and the ones that survived did so together. Now, generations later, their descendants protect the ancient secrets entrusted to them. They call themselves the Ravens.
* Wilma is the new girl in school, and she plans to go completely unnoticed – except that she bears an eerie resemblance to the Raven member Waverly. And Waverly just went missing.
* But the truth behind Waverly’s disappearance will put the entire coven in danger – and Wilma will have to rely on power she never knew she had if she wants to save her new friends.

I have been to Salem, and have a passion for it’s history. Combine Salem vibes (in Crab’s Eye) with a story that feels like Sabrina (her Chilling Adventures or just her Teenage Witchery) meets The Craft, and you have my attention.

There is so much to enjoy about this first issue: mystery, catty high school cliques, witches. The story premise is super cool and I can’t wait to read more of it.

The art was glorious. Marianna Ignazzi illustrates beautifully. The colors by Fabiana Mascolo absolutely bring it all to life. I was specifically impressed with the glowing look of the magic that really popped on the pages and looked stunning.

My only, fairly mild complaint is mostly in the above summary (from Previews) of what this is about: 1) it can seem misleading because it isn’t set in Salem, and 2) historically speaking, it’s a common misconception that witches were burned in Salem. Is this a tiny thing most people would (and will) overlook? Yes. Is it possible it’s either added for dramatic flare or it was an error? Yup. But it’s a small complaint from me that has little to nothing to do with a perfect first issue.

Definitely recommend checking out An Unkindness of Ravens #1, in stores 9/23/20. Get yourself into the mood for the most glorious time of year!


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