Review: Bliss #3

Written by Sean Lewis
Art by Caitlin Yarsky
Publisher:  Image Comics

Lethe’s ravens descend on the courthouse as Perry and Hera make their way to his cell. Time continues to shift as the past reveals a deadly plot, where Benton, high on the Bliss drug, finds himself ready to kill the most important person in his life…a story of escapes and reversals emerges throughout this issue.

Bliss #3 may, in fact, be the best issue so far. Packed with emotion and action, it’s nearly impossible to put this one down.

While future Perry works to free his father, we relive some horrors of his past. Sean Lewis does such a phenomenal job writing this series. Benton breaks our hearts as he descends further into the darkness. And the hell his son and wife endure because of it is enough to give readers chills.

This is also probably the best issue so far art wise. Caitlin Yarsky is absolutely killing it with these illustrations and their beautiful colors. The panels and pages continue to have such interesting and creative designs that really add to the storytelling, which is a sign of a brilliant team all around.

And the last page? Absolutely haunting.

Bliss #3 is coming this week, so be sure to grab your copy, and catch up now on the first two issues if you haven’t already!


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