Yashahime: Episode One – Spoiler Free Review

Episode one summary: Towa Higurashi learns about an incident that took place decades ago involving a half demon named Inuyasha and a priestess named Kagome.

Episode one tackles two important things for viewers: introducing us to the dynamic of the new trio of Half-Demon Princesses, while also filling in some of the space between the end of InuYasha and the events of Yashahime.

I loved the first episode. It was so nostalgic to see the gang back together, but also exciting to get a taste of the new generation to come. While we didn’t get enough of an introduction to the girls to really have a favorite yet, I can tell all of their personalities are unique, and they’ll definitely each have a loyal following.

Did you watch Yashahime episode one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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