Review: Red Mother #9

Written by Jeremy Haun

Art by Danny Luckert

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Daisy always suspected that Leland Black had ulterior motives in hiring her, but when the truth finally comes out, Daisy could never have expected how far his reach goes. What does Leland have planned for Daisy – and what does it have to do with the Red Mother?

The horrors of her real life trauma comes back to haunt her, and that isn’t even the only problem Daisy is facing. Ian isn’t responding, her visions are returning and more horrifying than ever. And much, much worse.

You guys know already – I am absolutely in love with Red Mother. This series is one of my favorites and I never want to see it come to an end. That’s honestly the only complaint I have – every issue I read brings me closer to the inevitable end.

The teamwork between Jeremy Haun’s writing and Danny Luckert’s art is phenomenal. Their work together blends the horrors in reality with the supernatural horrors around the Red Mother and the Herald, and it leaves you absolutely unsettled. Especially with the realistic art with surrealistic elements, like the visions.

I cannot tell you guys enough how great this series really is.

Grab issue 9 in stores on 10/14!


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