Review: Miranda in the Maelstrom #1

Writer: Riley Biehl (Miranda in the Maelstrom

Artist/Cover artist: Koi Carreon (Rolled and Told

Colorist: Borg Sinaban (Muros

Letterer: Taylor Esposito (Red Hood and The OutlawsFinger Guns

Script Editor: Brittany Matter (Spitting Image

Editor: Nicole D’Andria (Road Trip to Hell

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment 

The Multiverse Maelstrom! A supernatural storm that crosses over between dimensions, displacing beings and objects from alternate realities. Most fear the maelstrom, but interdimensional explorers Miranda Sherbet and her shark-dog Noodles use the storm as a means of travel and adventure. But when Miranda finds herself disoriented and separated from Noodles, she runs into the storm fighting off violent aliens, harsh weather conditions, and the traumatic memories that set her down this path. Will Miranda find Noodles and continue their adventures, or will they be alone in infinity?

Described as Adventure Time meets Marvel’s Exiles, this new series is sure to be well-loved by many.

Mirana in the Maelstrom is a fun adventure, with an incredibly interesting creative plan that really works for the story. And, there’s a shark-dog. A SHARK-DOG. Named Noodles.

Honestly, this first issue is so charming. I barely know these characters, but immediately relate to the panic and determination Miranda feels when she realizes her shark-dog, Noodles, is missing. I mean, any animal lover can sympathize with that fear – but then you escalate it with the knowledge that Miranda is alone in the world without Noodles, and it really pulls at your heartstrings.

Also, Noodles is the best shark-dog ever and I want to be Noodles friend.

The art in this issue is beautiful, with interesting alien worlds, vibrant colors, and the cutest little shark-dog design ever.

…okay, I may be obsessed with Noodles.

Brittany Matter, script editor, also shared some interesting information with me about the next issues of the series. Instead of sticking to a single artist and art style for each issue, they’ll instead be changing for each one. So, for every new dimension Miranda and Noodles visit, there will be a new artist/colorist to help reflect the new world their in. And at the end of each issue, there will be a transition page, where the artist on that issue and the artist for the next both have art on one page. This is such a cool concept to me, and such a creative way to showcase different art in a way that makes so much sense with the adventures Miranda and Noodles are on.

If this sounds like it would be something you’d love – great news! It’s out in shops today!


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