Review: It Eats What Feeds It #3

Written by Max Hoven & Aaron Crow
Illustrated by Gabriel Iumazark 

When Kenny finally discovers what’s in the attic, he’s nearly eaten until Francois steps in to save him. Unfortunately, Francois’ efforts to keep Kenny alive put her own life in danger. With a rush of adrenaline, Kenny attempts to flee the house with Francois, but she’s in no mood for saving. In an emotional conclusion, Francois reveals exactly what she’s hiding and why she’s hiding it. How far back does this mystery go? Will Kenny and Francois make it out alive?

What a beautiful issue, full of darkness and unfolding mysteries.

As I said in my review for issue two, I love swamp related horror. The swamp itself takes on a life of it’s own in many of these stories, and It Eats What Feeds It is definitely one of those stories. The darkness of the swamp seeps into everything, and we see it’s magnificent power really on display in this final issue.

The art is so gorgeous, I went through it a few times just to admire the work once I was finished. It’s honestly some of the most beautiful art in any comic I’ve ever seen, and so unique. If you haven’t seen any of the interiors of It Eats What Feeds It, you’re honestly denying your eyes a treat.

Pick up the final issue on 10/28!


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