Review: An Unkindness of Ravens #2

Written by Dan Panosian
Art by Marianna Ignazzi
Colors by Fabiana Mascolo
Letters by Mike Fiorentino

Wilma is being courted by the Ravens, a group of witches who want her to join their coven. But Scarlet, the most popular girl in school, wants Wilma for herself. The Ravens say that Scarlet is dangerous, but everything will be fine-won’t it?

Things keep getting more and more insane for Wilma, and she’s only been in her new school two days. The Ravens are pulling her one way, and Scarlett, the most popular girl in school, is pulling her another. Mostly, it seems, Wilma just wants to get through school and get out of Crab’s Eye.

As I said in my review of the first issue, I love the vibes this book gives off: Sabrina meets the Craft. High School secrets, clique rivalry, witchy goodness. It’s all so perfect. But it stands on it’s own so well, not copying the stories similar to it and doing it’s own unique thing. I’m totally intrigued by the mysteries unfolding and can’t wait to keep reading.

Again, we have beautiful art. Archie comics feel, with fantastic uses of colors that give a fantastic pop when magic is involved. There’s a dreamy scene that has such a cool, hazy effect that definitely conveys the dream feel.

If you missed the first issue, grab it now and catch up! Then grab issue two, and enjoy this fantastic story.


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