Review: Unicorn: Vampire Hunter #1

Written by Caleb Palmquist

Art by Daryl Toh

Letters by Dave Lentz

There is one thing vampires fear more than anything else…

and it’s not the sun. Everyone knows that wooden stakes and holy water kill vampires, but not many people know that the best weapon against a vampire is a unicorn’s horn. 

Unicorn: Vampire Hunter is a fantasy adventure comic about a curious young woman, a wise old wizard, and a unicorn with a penchant for killing vampires. It is a heartfelt story about friendship, love, and finding purpose in an unpredictable world.

If you aren’t familiar with the comics Caleb Palmquist does, you should be.

Unicorn: Vampire Hunter is a fun, whimsical fantasy book, with a lot of heart. A tale about friendship at it’s core, this is a knockout first issue sure to pull at your heartstrings.

Daryl Toh’s art is a perfect fit for the story. It has the whimsy that suits the story, as well as beauty that resonates. Unique characters, a majestic, even stoic, unicorn, and gorgeous scenery – issue one is full of excellence.

You can back issue one on Kickstarter now – it’s fully funded, so even more reason to hop on board!


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