Review: You Look Like Death #3

Writer: Gerard Way, Shaun Simon
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard
Letterer: Nate Piekos

Klaus’s contact with the dead comes in handy when his former movie star friend needs help wowing a casting director. Beneath Hollywood, we catch up with Shivers, the vampire-chimp drug lord, in his vampire amusement park, where he continues his search for the Umbrella Brat who stole his stash, while Klaus’s aging paramour distracts him with booze . . . and relish.

We continue down the weird journey into Hollywood with Klaus in issue three, and repercussions for his actions are starting to manifest in more ways than one. While the story seems to have wandered off the initial track we thought it would be on from issue one, it’s still an enjoyable ride, especially for Klaus fans missing the show right now.

I love the art. There’s some super cool things done with the dead and Klaus using his ability. A sort of vibrance that sticks out, making the dead seem more lively than the living. But there are also fantastic character designs, fun settings, and so much to enjoy.

Grab issue three today!


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