Review: Miranda in the Maelstrom #2

Writer: Riley Biehl (Miranda in the Maelstrom

Artist/Cover Artist: Dailen Ogden (The Liminal

Flatter: Drew Wills (24 Panels

Letterer: Taylor Esposito (Red Hood and The Outlaws, Finger Guns

Script Editor: Brittany Matter (Spitting Image

Editor: Nicole D’Andria (Road Trip to Hell

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment 

“A Wolf in the Wasteland.” Her dimension destroyed and parents lost in the Multiverse Maelstrom, Miranda finds herself stranded and alone in a bizarre wasteland. Struggling to survive on a world with twin suns, rivers that flow in the air like wind, and monstrous amalgams, Miranda must learn to adapt to this unnatural nature. Will the local fauna make her their food, or will she learn to make them her friends?

Prepare for the most wholesome wonderful issue of any comic EVER.

As we remember from my review of issue one, I am somewhat obsessed with Noodles. Noodles is a good shark-dog baby and if I ever make a list of top comic book animals/companions, Noodles is definitely top three.

I love this issue. I love seeing how Noodles and Miranda came into each others lives. Miranda goes from being lost and alone, to having a family again in a way, and it’s so heartwarming. I cannot recommend it enough if you need a serotonin boost.

This issues art is done by Dailen Ogden, and it’s beautiful. I love the scenery, the creatures, the colors, etc. Noodles is as cute as ever. It’s all excellent. Taylor Esposito nails the lettering, but we shouldn’t be surprised by that, since Taylor is one of my personal favorites out there.

Everyone on the team is doing excellent work, and I cannot wait to see what happens next for Miranda and Noodles.

Grab issue two 12/2/20! And then feel free to drop me a comment about how adorable Noodles is and we can all start a Noodles fan club.


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