Review: Red Mother #11

Written by Jeremy Haun
Art by Danny Luckert
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Daisy faces the Red Mother in her court.
The true plan is revealed – and Daisy will learn just why her life was destroyed.

Hello. My name is Angel. As you should probably know by now, I’m obsessed with Red Mother and never, ever want it to end so I can continue to praise it until I’m dead, then come back as a ghost, and praise it some more but as a ghost that haunts you until you buy every issue and every trade to appease my ghostly self.

Everything that has happened is culminating into a grand finale that promises to knock our socks off. This issue was mysterious, horrifying, and thrilling. I was on the edge of my seat, and frequently caught myself holding my breath in anticipation.

Somehow, the art tops itself in this issue. I don’t know how, but Danny Luckert does it. Everything starts feeling so realistic, and then it becomes something epic and haunting in no time, but still grounded in that reality that makes it feel so much more uncomfortable – but in the best way. And the excellent work Ed Dukeshire does for this series continues with more fantastic lettering.

Grab issue #11 tomorrow!


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