Review: An Unkindness of Ravens #4

Written by Dan Panosian
Art by Marianna Ignazzi
Colors by Fabiana Mascolo
Letters by Mike Fiorentino

“The truth about Wilma – and the people she loves most – is revealed.
But as Wilma is left reeling from these revelations, she and the Ravens discover just where Waverly has been – and it may be more than they can handle.”

The truth unravels for Wilma quickly in this issue, giving her an overwhelming amount of knowledge to take in, just before her world turns further upside down. This is another great, well written issue. As I’ve said before, it feels like The Craft meets Sabrina, and I absolutely love it.

The art fits that same vibe, and it’s so pleasant to look at and well done. The line work, colors, and the lettering all work together to really bring the story to life perfectly.

Grab issue 4 this week!


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