Review: Something is Killing the Children #13

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell’Edera
Colors: Miquel Muerto
Letters: Andworld Design
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

“The monsters in Archer’s Peak have surrounded the school where Erica and Tommy make their last stand.
Even if the House of Slaughter can save them, will the price of their help be too high?”

I read through this issue so fast because I was so intensely hooked. From start to finish, the writing is face paces and the story is enthralling. Everything is at risk, and everyone’s lives are on the line. It’s up to Erica to finish the job, and hopefully stop the House of Slaughter from living up to their name a little too much.

Something is Killing the Children has some of the best art out there. The monsters, Erica’s design, the scenery – it’s all beautiful and really makes the story as epic as it is. The colors set the tone. The lettering is great.

Grab Something is Killing the Children #13 this week!


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