Review – Butcher Queen: Planet of the Dead #3

Script: Jim Ousley
Art and Letters: Ben Sawyer

A tragic event in Earth’s past unlocks a clue to its tumultuous present as Syd struggles to survive a brutal attack.

Thank you again to Jim Ousley for getting me a copy to review! If you missed my interview with the Butcher Queen creators, read it here.

In this issue, my heart gets ripped out a few times, which is always fun when a comic has that much affect on you. It showcases how powerful the writing is, and how well done the character development is to get readers attached. And trust me, I’m attached.

The art is fantastic as always. There are some absolutely haunting elements in the Planet of the Dead story, and this issue is no exception. Some pages and panels had some absolutely creepy and wonderful art that I just adore.

This issue is out now, and the finale is coming. I’m not sure I’m ready for what comes next!


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