Review: Future State Harley Quinn #1

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Art by Simone Di Meo
Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by Troy Peteri

In a bold move that rocks Gotham City, the Magistrate has imprisoned Harley Quinn! The villain once known as the Scarecrow, now a pawn of the Magistrate, taps into Harley’s knowledge of Gotham’s villains and the Black Mask Gang for his own dark purposes. Crane and his bosses think they have Harley Quinn defeated and her spirit broken, but they are sorely mistaken-and Harley will have her revenge. Written by rising star writer Stephanie Phillips and drawn by fan-favorite artist Simone Di Meo, the next era of Harley Quinn begins here!

What an exceptional issue! I was absolutely blown away and all of my expectations were exceeded.

Besides just writing Future State Harley Quinn for DC, Stephanie Phillips will be taking over the solo Harley book, and I absolutely cannot wait after reading Future State Harley Quinn. The perfect balance is met between chaotic and fun, while still respecting Harley’s intellect, and that’s the sort of writing I love to see for my favorite character. But beyond just Harley, the story itself is excellent. I love seeing other villains incorporated in interesting ways, and this issue definitely succeeds with that in using Dr. Crane, or as most know him – Scarecrow – in a very cool way. I also loved seeing Black Mask.

But the writing isn’t the only thing to love about this book. The art work is absolutely stunning. It feels fluid, like you’re watching rathering than reading, and gives off a sort of anime vibe in the art style, which I’m completely in love with. Simone Di Meo’s work is so gorgeously enhanced by Tamra Bonvillain – possibly my absolute favorite colorist – and it just takes this book all the way to perfection. The lettering is also excellently done.

Grab DC Future State Harley Quinn today! And let me know what you think!


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