Review: The Recount #1

Written by Jonathan Hedrick
Art by Gabriel Ibarra Nunez
Colors by Sunil Ghagre
Letters by Cristian Docolomansky

After the assassination of a U.S. President, the conspirators turn their sights on all who helped him get into power. By this, they mean to kill everyone who helped him ascend to the presidency-including the ordinary citizens who elected him, essentially plunging the entire country into civil war. Meanwhile, the vice president, one of the few survivors of the executive branch, struggles to prevent the nation from descending into chaos.

Want an issue that goes from 0 to 100 FAST? This is the wild ride for you.

The Recount is a chilling political thriller / conspiracy story that’s sure to make any reader uneasy, especially after the 2020 election. From start to finish, the story grips you. Who can be trusted? What’s going on? And after the climax of issue one – what the hell is going to happen next?!

The art is just as gripping as the story is. The style is beautiful and unique. The colors are perfect for the tone. The lettering fits so nicely. Everything about it is really well done.

Fans of The Department of Truth will love this book. I can’t wait to see what happens in issue two!


2 thoughts on “Review: The Recount #1

  1. Hope the FBI is investigating and interviewing those connected with The Recount. This could easily be a coded message to dissident Alien Lizard People to begin the New American Civil War. Particularly, given the Nashville Bombing suspect’s RV blow-up. “Downtown”, could the song be a hint or order the New American Civil War begins in major cities, “Downtowns”, before spreading the attacks to rural areas? There’s a “Bad Moon Rising” over this tale. Gotta go! Need to see what the “Eye of The Zombie” says about all this. John Fogerty, where are you when America needs you?

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