Review: Red Mother #12

Written by Jeremy Haun
Art by Danny Luckert
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Daisy vs The Red Mother for the last time.
But is this a battle that Daisy can truly win?

Series Finale.

Here it is. The end. The inevitable end. I’m not ready to let go of The Red Mother.

Probably the most intense, gruesome, and emotional issue so far – and with good reason, considering it is the finale. Twelve incredible issues, full of some of the best horror in comics. That beautiful, surreal slow burn. The sort of uneasy feeling I am always desperate for in any horror media captured me in every issue of The Red Mother.

The end was no different. I read through this final issue so fast, I was shocked when I finished the final page. Jeremy Haun crafted such an amazing story, with so much depth, and such a loveable main character, that everything horrifying happening started to transcend the page and feel like it could be happening to the reader, as well. By this final issue, everything escalated into a final battle and telling reveals, that played out like an epic end scene in a film.

The Red Mother is brilliantly written, but it’s also a visual masterpiece as well. The horror haunted me. The gore made me squirm, though it wasn’t in excess. The realistic look of everything paired with the supernatural made everything that much more unnerving when reading. And this final issue really blew me away. Bravo, Danny Luckert. You absolutely killed it.

But the combined efforts of Jeremy Haun writing, the perfect art by Danny Luckert, and the fantastic lettering by Ed Dukeshire are what made this book the success it was, for me at least. Everything really worked together so stunningly. Hands down, one of my favorite comic teams.

Grab issue twelve, the finale of Red Mother, this week.


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