Review: That Texas Blood Volume One

Written by Chris Condon

Art, colors, letters by Jacob Phillips

Sheriff Joe Bob Coates questions his effectiveness as the aging lawman of Ambrose County, Texas as chaos descends following an explosive highway confrontation and the mysterious death of local rogue Travis Terrill. Michael Lark (LAZARUS, Daredevil) calls the series “The best damn comic I’ve read in years.”

This story is a crime noir tale that focuses on our own inner demons, and the struggles that lead a man to rock bottom. I love how That Texas Blood is written, and can see why it’s so well loved. The darkness that infests everyone in this story is palpable. You can feel it sink into the characters you follow on this journey as you go along. Which is something in small towns you can understand – some towns have this gravity that sucks you in and keeps you in the bad.

The visuals in this book are spectacular. There are some absolutely haunting visuals, horrific scenes, and incredible representations of mentally spiraling out of control. Everything from the colors to the linework are all spectacular and further draw you into everything happening.

Don’t be like me and sleep on That Texas Blood – grab the trade for volume one this week!


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