Review: The Polar Paradox

Written by Frank Martin

Art by Antonio Mastria

From Kickstarter: “Antarctica. One of the last frontiers in the world. And that’s just above the surface. Deep below the ocean ice is an unexplored alien world unlike anywhere else on the planet. It’s a place so incredible no scientist could resist…until a research team goes missing and a trio of elite divers are sent in to rescue them. Their mission is dangerous. Down right impossible. And will uncover a mystery that could unravel the Earth as we know it.”

A fantastic first half of a science fiction adventure, The Polar Paradox is a fun and terrifying dive into what could be out there in uncharted territory.

Well written, with some beautifully illustrated pages, The Polar Paradox is definitely a book to back if you enjoy science fiction books, especially things in the same vein as Lost in Space. I don’t want to reveal too much in case you’d like to grab this book for yourself, but I can definitely say this book leaves you wanting the next issue immediately so you can find out what happens next.

The Kickstarter for this book is live now through February 2nd – so don’t waste any time backing this book!

Check out the Kickstarter for The Polar Paradox and show your support if this sounds like a book you’d be interested in!


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