Review: I Breathed A Body #1

Written by Zac Thompson
Art by Andy MacDonald
Colors by Triona Farrell
Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

A science fiction horror series about social media, big tech, and influencer culture.

It’s The Social Network meets Hellraiser. When the world’s biggest influencer posts something irredeemably horrific online, the world changes in an instant. Now it’s up to his social media manager, Anne Stewart, to fan the flames of outrage and create a sensationalist campaign that rewrites the rules of “banned content.” Thus begins a carnival of lust, revulsion, desire, and disgust – all for viral videos.

Written by Zac Thompson (LONELY RECEIVER, UNDONE BY BLOOD, X-Men) and illustrated by Andy MacDonald (Multiple Man, Rogue Planet), I BREATHED A BODY is a horror series about the voyeurism of violence and the Big Tech companies who
engineer patterns of fear in society.

Do you enjoy disturbing body horror? Things like Hellraiser, fungal nightmares, the dark side of social media, and ridiculously beautiful writing?

Well then, do I have a book for you!

I Breathed a Body #1 feels like it’s going to be one of, if not THE, best horror book of 2021. I was absolutely blown away by the writing. It’s the sort of gorgeous work that makes me want to insist upon putting this book into the hands of fellow horror lovers, even if they aren’t into comics, because it needs to be experienced. Zac Thompson has an incredible amount of talent.

But it doesn’t stop there – with horror of this variety, the art really has to be able to match the script. And Andy MacDonald and Triona Farrell are absolutely up to the task, giving us the visions of horror needed to really nail that discomfort. It takes a lot to make me uncomfortable, but I Breathed a Body got to me a few times – something that absolutely thrills me. Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou nails the lettering, as well, which struck me immediately.

I cannot recommend this book enough. This is going to be one of the best books this year, and I’m dying to see what’s next.

Grab I Breathed a Body this week!


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