The Significance of Women in Horror Month

It’s February 1st – and that means it’s finally Women in Horror Month!

This is a very important month, to me. In high school, I discovered Women in Horror Month, and things like Ax Wound Zine, ran by Hannah Neurotica, made me aware not only of the month itself, but just how significant the role of women in horror is.

The role of women in horror is vast. We are fans, creators, and more. There are many people who seem to not realize just how empowering horror movies are for women, looking strictly at the surface of slasher films and assuming it’s all blondes getting senselessly murdered. But there’s so, SO much more than that.

And I’m going to show you why throughout February.

Expect a month full of reviews, interviews, articles, recommendations, and more – all centered around the roles of women in horror.

Recent webinar I watched about Women in Horror through University of Pittsburgh

So this month, I’ll be posting as much as possible about, and featuring, different women in horror: writers, artists, actresses, directors, characters, etc. Hopefully I’ll have a variety of content that everyone can enjoy!

Welcome to Women in Horror Month 2021!


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